The group is committed to publishing reproducible research by documenting the computational methods we use and making source code publicly available. We have not yet released completed software through USDA but our main account is:


Older projects are available at:

We are interested in developing containerized applications and adopting more of a devops approach to the deployment of software to the extent that it is practical on the USDA’s high performance computing system, Ceres.

Software description Page
Reftree Software for querying and processing taxonomically structured data. link
iTagger Software for processing amplicon sequencing data at a scale of 10,000 samples per year. link
Fidoplankter An online calculator for designing iron limitation experiments in Phytoplankton, written before I knew about Github :) link
ARS Microbiome workshop Website for a training held in August 2017 link
ARS-RQC Still in development, an an automated Illumina quality control workflow and visualization web application link