Microbiome workshop 2017

In August of 2017 We held a two day workshop on Microbiome Science for 30 ARS participants. The workshop had training for analyzing amplicon and metagenome data and focused on building a community of practice within ARS around microbiome science. We are now organizing an ARS Microbiome Community to coordinate information sharing and collaboration.

Machine Learning workshop August 2019

In August 2019 I organized a two-day Machine Learning workshop in collaboration with the UF Carpentries Club for for 50 ARS UF and USDA-ARS Scientists and UF. The workshop introduced life scientists with some programming experience to machine learning methods. The learning objectives were to:

  1. Identify the types of problems that machine learning methods can be applied to
  2. Understanding of basic ML concepts like the bias-variance tradeoff, and test/train/validate
  3. Gain experience applying a few types of classification and regression methods
  4. Have a general sense of the methods and software available
  5. Know where to go to continue learning about ML after the course