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This position has been filled, it is visible for archival purposes.

The Agricultural microbiomes group has funded a postdoc position with Dr. Chris Reisch at the University of Florida

Dr. Chris Reisch and I are looking for a postdoc in computational biology to develop software and statistical methods to analyze data for high-throughput fitness-profiling experiments on enteric bacteria. The work has the potential to elucidate new regulatory mechanisms for virulence in E. coli and other medically and agriculturally important proteobacteria. The position is supervised by Dr. Chris Reisch at the University of Florida, Department of Microbiology and Cell Science and funded through a collaborative agreement with the US Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, Genomics and Bioinformatics Research Unit. The postdoc will work closely with Dr. Adam Rivers at the USDA on this project and will have the opportunity to participate in microbiome work with other USDA collaborators on agriculturally relevant projects.

We anticipate that a successful applicant will have an interest or experience in microbiology or microbial ecology. The wet-lab component of the project will be done by scientists in Dr. Reich’s lab. This position focuses on the development of applications for analysis of this data and the publication of software tools. A successful candidate will likely have experience in version control, test driven development, data structures, HPC’s, DevOps practices and proficiency in Python and R. The applicant should have a strong understanding of statistics, particularly compositional data and linear modeling. We recognize that each person has a unique mix of experience and individual strengths and we encourage any applicant with a strong record of research productivity and relevant experience to apply.

Contact us via email or apply here.